1. What is military school?

Ans.:- Military school is the school which are for getting the basic military training and to get the proper discipline to be a good citizen in future.

2. How to take the admission for military school?

Ans.:- the military school admission is based on the small test which will be conducted in the school and followed by the physical examination.

3. Can I go in army after passing from the school?

Ans.: No, the main aim of military school is to give the basic military training. Afterwards it will be based on the talent of the cadet.

4. Can I get the job as officer after passing from the military school?

Ans.: No, the job as an officer will be after giving UPSC examination and getting through the same.

5. If I join the NDA/IIT/MEDICAL course, is it means that I will select in NDA/IIT/MEDICAL?

Ans.:- No, NDA/ IIT/MEDICAL are the basic preparatory courses for these examination, it doesn’t mean that the student will select for that.

6. If I will be national in any game, will it be helpful for me in future?

Ans.: It depends on the field which the students want to select.

7. Can I select more than one game?

Ans.:- Yes, but generally if you want to achieve the best , select only one game.

8. How to reach at Phulgaon?

Ans.: It is on Pune-Nagar Road, after crossing Wagholi hardly 8 to 9 Km away.

9. What is the maximum capacity of each class?

Ans.: 35-40 students

10. If I will be weak in any subject, what school is doing for that?

Ans.: School conduct remedial classes for weaker students.

11. What will happen if I will come late from home?

Ans.: If student will late from the home the student will be sent back for 15 day as a punishment.

12. Do we have the swimming in school?

Ans.: No, but school has plan ready for it.

13. Is the mess non-vegetarian?

Ans.: The school mess is purely vegetarian.

14. I don’t like to wake early up in morning, what school is doing for that?

Ans.: School has Military instructor, the role is to see whether the student is getting up early in morning or not.

15. Can I meet my ward on every Sunday?

Ans.: No, the school generally allow the parents to meet there ward on last Sunday of the month but it is prior informed from the school to all parents.

16. On outing can I drop my ward after one day?

Ans.: No, Students outing are only for one day therefore it is not allowed at any circumstances.

17. What is the result for NDA up till now?

Ans.: School has good result for NDA, till the date near about 4-5 students have joined NDA and presently serving for the nation.

18. Is the staff well qualified?

Ans.: Yes, we have the staff who is M. Phil, NET, SET, M. Ed with good academic experience.

19. Is there any special classes for weak student?

Ans.: yes.

20. Do we have computer laboratory?

Ans.: Yes